Alejandro Gonzalez Guzmán Piano Studio — Winners

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Local Competition Winner

National and State Competition Winners

Raissa Tselentis National Scholarship Award (Highest National Score)

Place: American College of Musicians – Austin, Texas
2014 Andrew Sun – Recipient of the “Raissa Tselentis Scholarship Award” for excellence in the performance of the Clavier Works of Johann Sebastian Bach.  (Photo)

UIL Texas State Piano Solo Competition

Place: University of Texas, Austin
Silver Medal Winners – Advanced Classical Piano Division
2015 Swathi Holla (Photo)
2016 Alma Zamora (Photo)

Regional Competition Winners

UIL Texas Regional Piano Solo Competition

Place: Edinburg, Sharyland and PSJA Memorial High Schools, Texas
Gold Medal Winners – Advanced Classical Piano Division
2015 Swathi Holla (Photo)
2016 Swathi Holla
2016 Alma Zamora (Photo)
2017 Arush Shekar (Photo)
2017 Xavier Torres (Photo)

National Piano Tests and Awards

National Piano Guild – Austin, Texas

Advanced J. S. Bach Award

2008 Edward Chen (Photo)

Early J. S. Bach Award

2007 Amy Tsai
2008 Hanson Kuang (Photo)
2009 Steven Duong
2012 David Li
2013 Abigail Alquiza
2013 Satya G. Holla
2014 Andrew Sun (Photo)

Sonatina Award

2006 Amy Tsai (Photo)
2007 Edward Chen (Photo)
2007 Emily Bruckner (Photo)
2008 Jiawei Zhang (Photo)
2009 Hanson Kuang (Photo)
2013 Andrew Sun
2013 David Li
2014 Abigail Alquila (Photo)
2014 Satya G. Holla

Irl Allison Award

2011 Satya G. Holla
2011 Andrew Sun
2012 Swathi Holla
2012 Satya G. Holla
2012 Andrew Sun
2013 Arush Shekar
2013 Jonas Cuanang

National Certificate (Ten Memorized Pieces)

2013 Thomas Lu
2014 Angel Gomez
2014 Divya Agarwala
2015 Abigail Anzaldua
2015 Emiliano Torres
2015 Armando Gomez
2015 Divya Agarwala
2015 Antonio Soberon
2015 Juan Santoy
2015 Angel Gomez
2015 Alejandra Garcia
2015 Robert Peng
2015 Satya G. Holla
2016 Allen Zheng (Photo)
2016 Xavier Torres (Photo)
2016 Emiliano Torres (Photo)
2016 Allison Garza (Photo)
2016 Alejandro Roman (Photo)
2016 Leo Yu (Photo)
2016 Isabella Rafaelle (Photo)
2016 Luis Santos (Photo)
2016 Luis Nader (Photo)

Local Competition Winner

Magic Valley Music Teachers Association – McAllen, Texas

MVMTA Music Festival

I. Place Winner with “Honors”Classification: Advanced Classical Piano
2007 Edward Chen